Quality Services One on One
Above all we strive to leave you, the customer, with a feeling of satisfaction that the service you receive from James Farms is of the highest quality.

We want to be the Customer's Compelling ChoiceTM when it comes to everything from Pedegree Seed to Bird Seed.

Our office is open longer hours to meet your schedule. In Season you can count on James Farms staff to have your order ready when you arrive.

James Farms started processing Pedigreed Seed in the spring of 1988. Before that, the farm processed many of its crops off farm at another cleaning plant. Since establishing a cleaning facility on site James Farms has expanded the production and processing of Pedigreed Seed to the point that the cleaning plant runs year round.

Besides pedigreed cereals, James Farms undertakes further processing of other commercial grains, including Birdfood and Horse Oats. Conditioning grain, whether it is pedigreed seed or commercial grain, has provided a real growth opportunity for the James family.

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