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Invigor Liberty

In high moisture Manitoba, and specifically the Red River Valley, Invigor Liberty highbred canola offers the highest yields and the lowest risk. Early season vigour is outstanding on these highbreds. Choose from any one of five varieties to experience the advantage of Invigor. To see how it compares, Click Here.

Dekalb RoundUp ReadyTM

If you wanted easy, Dekalb Canola varieties provides solutions to expensive challenges of growing traditional canola. Top yield is expected from any canola on the market today. Management of your limited rotation is what makes this product really stand out. Weeds obviously presented the biggest of those challenges before RoundUp Ready Canola appeared on the market almost a decade ago. Choose from five leading varieties, top yield included in every bag. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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This not so native North American crop was introduced to the continent over a century ago. Today's varieties would have very little in common with its ancient ancestors. Sunflowers are grown for their unique oil and also for human consumption.

Oil Sunflowers

Interstate Seeds through their affiliation with Advanta Seeds offers several varieties of oil type. Tradition oil variety IS 6111 has been a staple of Manitoba sunflower growers going on two decades. This is based on the excellent reputation 7111 first established. Today, new IS 5111 is available with NuSun Oil. This modern version of oil sunflowers has become a real competitor in the vegetable oil markets. NuSun oil offers significantly better health benefits that are so sought after by today?s health conscience consumer. To see how it compares, Click Here.

Confectionery Sunflowers

If you ever wondered where all those long striped sunflower seeds come from, look no further than Manitoba. This crop has led acres of planted sunflower in the province for over two decades. Manitoba has a reputation of growing a superior confectionery grade product that is in demand around the world for everything from baking to chewing. Confectionery sunflowers have also provided a steady revenue stream for sunflower growers who like the challenge of growing something a little bit different. IS 8048 leads the pack in seed quality when it come to characteristics that international buyers are looking for. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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CDC Bethune

Flax is grown on more acres in Canada than any other nation in the world. From the Crop Development Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan?s latest contribution to this industry is Bethune. This variety is very adaptable across most regions of Western Canada and is gaining a reputation as far East as Ontario. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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OAC Prudence

Manitoba has become the most diverse cropping province in Canada. Manitoba offers a range of soil types and a mix of frost-free days. Growing soybeans adds to that reputation. OAC Prudence is just such a bean that can achieve not only excellent quality but mature within the allowable heat units available in Southern Manitoba. To see how it compares, Click Here.


Early is the name of the soybean game. Accord offers early plus an excellent agronomic package. Unique to Accord is the ground clearance. Harvesting is made easy when you have Accord because of the ability to harvest everything. Growers have reported zero loss when harvesting this great bean for Manitoba. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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