Product Information One on One James Farms Ltd. is a member of Quality Assured Seeds, SeCan and ProMark. We carry canola and sunflower oilseeds developed by Advanta Canada and also Invigor canola hybrids by Bayer and RoundUp ReadyTM Canola technologies from Dekalb and also Advanta. Soybeans having been recently introduced to valley farmers are available from James Farms in maturities that match our growing season.

Through these strategic seed partners, James Farms can offer you a wide range of cereal and oilseeds to Meet the FieldTM. We conduct extensive testing of many seed and grain products that are grown and processed on the farm. Every year, you are invited to tour the Research Farm located directly North of the main yard.

Seed choices growers make even before going to the field may have a considerable impact between possibly making a profit or sustaining a loss. Our job is to help our customer weigh all the options. James Farms has a comprehensive selection of varieties to choose from. What we can offer is to help you find any variety that you may be considering. If you think a new crop warrents testing we will even enter new and different products in the Research Farm.

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