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AC Barrie Red Spring Wheat

A leading hard red spring wheat variety in Manitoba and Western Canada, Barrie has established itself as a protein leader of red springs. Besides good lodging resistance and good leaf rust resistance, Barrie has fair resistance to fusarium, which is the highest rating for hard red spring wheat at this time. To see how it compares, Click Here.

Superb Red Spring Wheat

A new variety of hard red spring, Superb, combines the best traits of AC Domain HRS and Grandin Wheat. Superb is rated good for lodging resistance. Superb is a bearded red spring and has a poor rating for fusarium. Protein is similar to AC Barrie. To see how it compares, Click Here.

Snowbird White Spring Wheat

The first of its kind in North America; Snowbird is opening wheat markets that have been traditionally served by other nations. Now Western Canadian farmers have a variety that is not only unique in global trade but has all the excellent agronomic traits of Canada's other leading spring wheat varieties. To see how it compares, Click Here.

CDC Falcon Winter Wheat

Now the top winter wheat in Western Canada for acres sown, Falcon is the first true semi-dwarf winter wheat variety. Falcon combines excellent winter hardiness with good kernel characteristics and strong straw strength to reduce lodging. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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AC Metcalfe

This two row has become a must have variety for brewers around the world. Canada has long been recognized as a leader in two row malting varieties and Metcalfe continues that tradition. Number one in two row yield, it has an excellent disease resistance and also matures early to help beat the weather. To see how it compares, Click Here.

CDC Stratus

Not just another malt and feed barley, CDC Stratus has set the standard for fusarium resistance for two row barley in Manitoba. Hog and grain farmers have promoted Stratus as the barley you can grow and feed to overly sensitive livestock like swine. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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The variety for Manitoba high moisture, tall straw environment, Ronald oats is the product of years of variety development in Agriculture Canada's oat breeding program in Winnipeg. Although not a true semi-dwarf, Ronald has been consistently shorter than competing oat varieties. Very white hull characteristics make it a leading variety in everything from race horse oats to top quality milling for cereals and industrial oat products. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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Canary Seed


The standard of canary seed varieties, not much has changed when it comes to itchy. Hands down, canary seed production gives farmers a lot of headaches when it is time to harvest. Number one recommendation: don't combine after the sun goes down. Plugged combine cylinders can be extra challenging when faced with the itchy situation that canary will provide. To see how it compares, Click Here.

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