The James Family arrived in Western Canada in 1886. Great-grandfather David James, namesake of the present owner, started out in mixed farming, eventually concentrating on dairy. Now, four generations later, James Farms comprises mainly of seed production right from growing through to cleaning. Many other crops are grown, processed and packaged for the Manitoba and Ontario market. Today, David James is proud of the heritage that is represented in many century family farms. Located just outside of Winnipeg, it is a short trip for city residents to travel for many of their Wild Bird Seed needs.

More recently, the farm has branched into variety trial research work. The trials have been assisting Manitoba farmers to better decide what to grow when spring seeding season arrives. The Research Farm is located right beside the present building site. Over a hundred different varieties of wheat, barley, oats, flax and soybeans are tested annually. Data from the trials is available right on the web site for you to review. Along with testing the latest varieties David spends a lot of time determining the effects of everything from seed treatments to fungicides.

Every year in July, James Farms invites their customers to the Variety Trial Tour and Customer Appreciation BBQ. This is always a celebration of the harvest just ahead. Farming is all about long summer days with daylight stretching late into the evening. The reward for all the hard work is a bounty of grain. Modern farms today face many challenges. With the rapid changes in agriculture happening at an ever increasing rate, it is that much more important to get the right information and the right seed before you go to the field. Count on James Farms "For the Seed You Need"!

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